Response to Citizen Proposal

I would like my project to be a 3D representation of the black American’s vessel and compare it to the white American’s vessel. I plan to show this with flower vases and they will each be filled uniquely based on verses from Citizen as well as outside information. I would provide an artist’s statement in order to explain the inspiration for each vessel, as well as some excerpts from Citizen that will emphasize the impact my response will have on the audience.

I plan on focusing on vessels in my response; how memories are vessels for our feelings, as suggested in Citizen.  I want to show the audience the stark differences in the everyday experiences of two different types of American citizens, using the various examples in Rankine’s book.

My ideal audience would be ignorant Americans who are unaware of the constant racism African Americans face, in hopes of helping them become more aware and more understanding of citizens who are not mirror images of themselves.

However, a more reasonable audience will be middle schoolers who attend my school because I can be sure that my message will reach them. 



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