Keeping Up With Antigone

Artist Statement

I have created a mixed genre personality quiz, using characters from Antigone and members of the Kardashian family. It is based off of the personality quizzes we all take on BuzzFeed and other similar websites/apps. I am so used to creating written pieces, so I chose to create a photo gallery instead with short captions making fun of the pairings. Some of the quiz results are clearly edited by myself, because some of the Kardashian family members I wanted to use were not answers to the quiz because it is a bit outdated.

I was originally planning on simply preparing the two families by describing each of their personalities and showing their images next to each other, but then I found something that influenced me to change my idea. At first my influence was those comparisons made between celebrities and characters such as this one comparing a man to the character Carl Fredricksen from the movie “Up”. But then as I was looking for Kardashian personality descriptions, an idea I formed from my mentor text, I came across this quiz: “Which Kardashian Are You?”, which inspired me to change my plans. I realized this personality quiz could not only supply me with descriptions for almost all the Kardashians I planned on including, but this idea made much more sense and was more interesting than a simple comparison like my first idea.

By looking at the gallery I provided of the Antigone quiz taker and the Kardashian result, I want my viewers to see the connection these characters from Antigone have with the Kardashian family, in a humorous way. This is supposed to be a funny twist to the characters we read about in Antigone, making fun of two different types of people, fictional characters from 441 B.C.E, and then the people we see today on TV and on social media. I also want the viewers to see that this is, in fact, a humorous twist on current personality quizzes, making it clear that we shouldn’t take personality quizzes seriously.

My piece is tied to Antigone because it uses major characters and descriptions of their important aspects of their personalities and/or role in the play. I pulled the characters right out of the play ad introduced them to the world of personality quizzes and reality TV. I described the characters of Antigone with the help of my mentor text, using only the knowledge provided from the play based on the dialogues, monologues, and actions of and between the characters.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Antigone

  1. My favorite part of your project is that you used such a modern reference for your inspiration “I came across this quiz: “Which Kardashian Are You?””. This is a little ironic, but I really like how you took your artistic license to the next level and created a witty and funny project.


  2. This is really creative and gives me a new perspective on the conflict in the story of Antigone. The comparison between characters from the play and current celebrities makes me more interested in the personalities of the characters and makes me realize that they were most likely negative famous figures at the time in the story. I really liked how it connected to me as a reader and many others that may be more involved in the life of the Kardashians.


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